30 Worst Trades in MLB History

30 Worst Trades in MLB History

Jake Arrieta pumps up his Chicago Cubs teammates | Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The trading season is never far from the surface in professional baseball. But it will pick back up again as we march ever closer towards spring training 2017. Trades seem to get fans excited — even more so than MLB free agency. Nothing is more fun than seeing your team consider their options, make a smart decision, and pick up a player who you may not have known was even available — all to benefit the franchise’s future.

However, there is danger in building a team through trades. Not only do franchises often have to give up something — or someone — of value in return, but this value may end up being greater than what they received in the first place. Even worse, the player who was so coveted may not live up to his lofty expectations. The fact is, some of the worst trades — even ones that look good on paper — end up disappointing the recipients and all of their fans. These are the 30 worst trades in Major League Baseball history.

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