New film shot in X Games SuperPipe released

A new film starring Torin Yater-Wallace, Gus Kenworthy, Aidan Sheahan and Jacob Wester was released Thursday. Created by Vital Films, the six-minute-long short called “Days to Come” features slow-motion Cineflex and Phantom footage shot from a helicopter in the 22-foot X Games SuperPipe at Buttermilk, Colo., last season, just after X Games 2012.

It’s a good teaser for the action we’ll see in this year’s X Games Aspen, which takes place Jan. 24-27.

A trailer for the film was released last October.

“By using the highest quality cinematography technology possible and offering this amazing imagery for free to the masses online, ‘Days to Come’ redefines the traditional ski movie,” says Matt Hobbs, president of Vital Films. “This is also a breakout performance by Torin Yater-Wallace, who has quickly become one of the most talented skiers in the industry, still at the young age of 16.”

According to Hobbs, Cineflex is the most stable camera system available and the Phantom camera captures the action at 2,000 frames per second.

“At first when you start filming with [a helicopter] it’s pretty crazy,” says 16-year-old Yater-Wallace, who’s currently recovering from a shoulder injury. “The heli being above you, the wind is making this big vortex that you hope you don’t get sucked into. It’s definitely a bit more pressure; you’re like, ‘Wow there’s a helicopter above me, this thing’s expensive, I’ve gotta land my tricks right now or this is a waste.'”

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